About Loup d Loup

Loup d' Loup is a tour bike ride open to cyclists of all levels. We are offering a 20/40/60 mile riding format, starting at Lake Esther, near the Columbus YMCA, tentatively planned with approximately:

  • 20 mile route being the route of the North Arterial west to Hwy 81, north on Hwy 81 to the Lakeview Road (83rd St), east to Lake North, circling Lake North, then south on Monastery Road, turning east on 68th St to the Loup Powerhouse (3rd Ave), south to the North Arterial, then west back to Lake Esther. (approximately 23 miles)
  • The 40 mile route is from Lake Esther to Genoa and back to Lake Esther.
  • The 60 mile route is Lake Esther to Genoa, then north on 81 when coming back, to complete the “north route” which would total approximately 53 miles.

The goal of Loup d' Loup is to raise awareness and funding for polio eradication. Half of the proceeds from Loup d' Loup will directly benefit Rotary International's mission to eradicate polio worldwide. The other half will go towards seating and other items for Columbus Ice.

When: JUNE 15, 2019
Time: 8 a.m. start
What: Bike Ride looping the Loup Canal area near Columbus
Where: Lake Esther near Columbus YMCA

Registration will soon be live on Localraces.com